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Christmas is already near, do you have wishlist for this best time of year ? I have a lot of wishlist and i already got one. I always wanted to have a backpack especially for travelling. With backpack , i can carry all of my stuff and basically i'm the type of person who bring a lot of equipment. When travelling, Gaston has a special pocket for passport and travel ticket which should be accessible and safely kept. For you who are looking for travelling backpack, i highly recommended this GASTON LUGA .  

Gaston Luga is an elegant Swedish custom made piece , most product are designed with big fluffy shoulder pads, plastic material and thin fabric which brings thoughts back to the first day of school. The leather parts, thick cotton, metal details and mix of selected colors became a new face of Gaston Luga. Gaston Luga backpack are uniquely designed to fit any setting , no matter where you would go. They have entered Singapore, Asia and their home base located in the heart of Stockh…

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