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Well knows as Bradley's Tea House on 2014 offer an Afternoon Tea service with authentic British decoration which located at Senopati area. Bradley's decided to enlarge their business by providing more choices in food varieties and beverage in new location on Jalan Bumi, Kebayoran Baru. Serving British  Western cuisines , introducing MEAT TIME package which known back then in London until now. 

Eye catchy white building on the left side with greenery and stone , yes it's Bradley's Kitchen. I immediately fell in love with this place, especially with the classic Victorian decoration. This place is perfect for romantic dinner with your love ones. Divided into two types of rooms , the yellow romantic light with crystal chandeliers are hung and the casual white room with natural sunlight. FYI, this can be your favorite spot for your special event. 

And now, introduce you to Bradley's new British menu. It was a feast of fresh and simple homemade food that included lots o…

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