Today is the day of grand opening CGV AEON MALL Jakarta Garden City (JGC) , congratulation !
I got opportunity to attend their event , thank you for CGV team. We gathered at AIA central and went to AEON Mall together by bus , i'm so excited because i never went there before. I think it's quite far with moderate traffic. We arrived after around an hour , yeyyy i saw the big giant wheel which became the icon of AEON MALL JGC.   

Today is the most important day for CGV Cinemas Indonesia because today is the opening day of the biggest auditorium throughout Indonesia and they introduce a new food concept, Crunchy Zone which is now only at JGC. CGV AEON MALL JGC is the 10th cinema in Jakarta and the 36th worldwide. 

CGV AEON MALL JGC has 1 biggest auditorium with more than of 670 seats, 7 regular auditorium , 1 gold class with 60 seats and 1 velvet class with 31 people. For the ticketing , CGV provide added value for their visitors , they provide services through application system, website, self ticketing machine, CGV member card and E-card.

Now, i am talking about the auditoriums . Look how comfortable they are ! 
The biggest auditorium has two types of seats , the sweet box and the regular. The sweet box are on the top with 3 rows , this auditorium can accommodate more than 670 people. The Gold and Velvet class has their own lounge and ticketing counter , i prefer gold class because they provide reclining seats. For the price, it's different depends on the location. For more info, please visit CGV  

Regular Auditorium

The Biggest Auditorium

Gold Class

Velvet Class

To celebrate the opening of the 10th in Jakarta , CGV presents the concept of food which Indonesian people love to eat some snack , that is CRUNCHY ZONE. Because of that, today we can refill the snacks free of charges. Who doesn't like snacking while watching your favorite movie ? I do love the most :) This crunchy zone provides twelve kind of fried snacks from Rp 5.000, - until Rp 12.000,- , all of them are provided at affordable prices.  Here they are ! 

Buy the crunchy zone product which cost Rp 20.000,- , get free one bottle of Minute Maid 
( valid from 1st - 30th November 2017 )

My favorite in Crunchy Zone are The Cheese Bites and Shrimp Purse

Congratulation once again CGV and thank you ! 

Jakarta Garden City
Cassia Utama Pasar Modern
Cakung Timur 
East Jakarta 

Thank you for reading ! 

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