Well knows as Bradley's Tea House on 2014 offer an Afternoon Tea service with authentic British decoration which located at Senopati area. Bradley's decided to enlarge their business by providing more choices in food varieties and beverage in new location on Jalan Bumi, Kebayoran Baru. Serving British  Western cuisines , introducing MEAT TIME package which known back then in London until now. 


Eye catchy white building on the left side with greenery and stone , yes it's Bradley's Kitchen. I immediately fell in love with this place, especially with the classic Victorian decoration. This place is perfect for romantic dinner with your love ones. Divided into two types of rooms , the yellow romantic light with crystal chandeliers are hung and the casual white room with natural sunlight. FYI, this can be your favorite spot for your special event. 

And now, introduce you to Bradley's new British menu. It was a feast of fresh and simple homemade food that included lots of food like cold meat , pies, tarts, salads and sandwiches, leading to it being called MEAT TEA TIME. "Meat Time" at Bradley's simply, Entree / Sharing Platter with hot tea which provided by JING tea. 

White Peony by JING Tea
(served with honey)


Scotch Egg
IDR 85 K

Soft boiled egg covered with minced beef and panko flour, fried into perfection serve with potato wedges, green salad and side of chipotle tartar sauce. This is one of my favorite dish in here, in addition to the really good plating , it's also very tasty. A good choice to combine with hot tea.

African Spice Roasted Chicken
IDR 95 K

Quarter chicken marinated in african spice served with saute seasonal vegetables and side of rice pilaf. What makes this food unique ? It's the caramelized banana , it gives a sweet taste to ending this dish and surprisingly it's really good. A worth to try ! 


BBQ Meats Board 
IDR 400 K

Here it is , the star of all the menu ! BBQ Meats Board , combination of 300 gr AUS brisket and 300 gr Sirloin steak served with barbeque sauce. Sharing platter for 2 to 3 people and served with hot tea, it's called MEAT TEA TIME. You can request the level of steak rarity, usually a steak paired with red wine but here paired with hot tea. It's a new experience for me. 


Sicillian Beef Ragout Fettuccine
IDR 80 K

Bradley's tomato ragu, pulled AUS brisket , mushrooms and baby onion. The combination makes a perfect pasta, of course with al dente fettuccine. For those who don't like the creamy pasta, you must love this.

Linguine Truffle Mushroom
IDR 75 K

Super love this creamy pasta, actually i really like a creamy pasta with truffle oil :) This classic pasta consist of mix mushrooms, garlic, truffle oil and parmesan cheese. Linguine , it's about 4 millimeters in width , which is wider than spaghetti but not as wide as fettuccine. What kind a pasta do you like ? For me , i like fettuccine and penne pasta . 

Truffle Aglio Olio
IDR 70 K

Olive oil , garlic , big red chili and parsley are the sorts of things in this plate. I'm not a big fan for aglio olio but if you like spicy flavor you must order this one. Almost everyone likes pasta but the type of pasta you like , it depends on your individual taste.  

Jl. Bumi no. 24 
Kebayoran Baru 
South Jakarta 
Mon - Thu 10 AM - 10 PM
Fri - Sun 10 AM - 11 PM
Reservation 021-7220170

Thank you for reading ! 

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