knitted fashion

It's All White Now 
Style gets a spring pick-me-up with cool, crisp white.

Under Cover 
Assume a new fashion identity: Flirty layers transform your spring wardrobe.

Sheer Beauty 
Exquisite openwork at the water's edge: High fashion hits the beach.

Set Off Sparks 
Sexy is back with a shapely camisole that dares, bares and dazzles.

Postcards from Rio 
Notícia quente! Citrus brights and coral spice infuse Carnaval style into our tropical tops.

Summertime Blues 
Explore the pacific palette with ace of a crystal blue persuasion

source : vogue knitting

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  1. amazing pics. i would love to wear these clothes :)
    Viktória's Style

  2. Amazing post!

    Looove your blog! Following! Follow back? <3


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