Style your outfit into a seasonally trendy version by wearing a printed and lightweight scarf.  Scarves are not just a winter accessory but it’s also perfect for the sunny season of summer.  Scarves can help you protect your face and neck from the harmful rays of the sun.  Plus, it injects a boho and vintage vibe that’s definitely hot this season. Spring/Summer 2011 Fashion Style Accessory : Lightweight Scarves
Lightweight scarves are not thick and usually silky with vibrant prints and details.  There are a lot patterns and designs that you can choose from.  You just need to find out which pattern choice will complement your outfit.  The romantic pinks, corals, nudes, oranges, browns, golds, nautical stripes and florals combined with geometric prints are the perfect scarf choices for this summer.

 The floral scarves are seasonal trends that keep coming back every spring and summer of the year.  Freshen up your style with a floral scarf.

source : fashion beauty

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  1. that's what i'm missing in my closet a floral print scarf! :)

  2. ooh, light and breezy, i think i should go scarf shopping soon :)


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