Woodpecker Coffee Shop

Jakarta has many cafes, on this weekend I chose Taco Local (upcoming blog post) and Woodpecker to spend my time. Coffee shop in Jakarta is trending recently, more and more coffee shop is popping up with a cozy ambience and minimalist interior. I'm totally in love with their interior and ambience. I'll be back for sure. Here is my review about this new local coffee shop : Woodpecker

Their price in here are very affordable, i ordered affogato and machiato and their cost are only 51K ( price range 10K - 40K ). This place is suitable for afternoon coffee and hang out with friends. Unfortunately i ran out of their waffle yesterday. Enjoy your coffee !!

Here is the direction to Woodpecker :
Panglima Polim V no.23 ( beside Holy Gyu and across Mangia & Taco Local )
South Jakarta - Indonesia
Tuesday closed
Open on Wednesday - Monday 10 AM - 22 PM

*all photos courtesy by Febriani Djunaedi, please don't use without any permission


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