Port Five Six

The newest brunch & coffee place which you must to go in Gading Serpong , Port Five Six . Located on the second floor of Soto Ambengan Cak Sadli , turn left when you find Ace Hardware (take entrance door on a outdoor side of Soto Ambengan). I like the minimalist interior design here, they have indoor and outdoor side. Awesome food? No doubt, the brain behind the food is Chef William Gozali. Brunch is always a good idea, so let's try ! 

Do you see the pictures above? I just love this cozy place. The perfect combination colors of grey, wood and blue , it made me feel to stay more longer. Located at Gading Serpong which have a lot school and university around, it can be the place to hang out,study, or doing homework. 

Price : IDR 29 K

Lately, drink coffee is being a lifestyle . For adults, most of them grab a cup of coffee in the morning before start their daily routines. For they have a heartburn, i suggest you to drink your coffee after have a meal. They have a lot of delicious meal in here. 

Big Breakfast
Price : IDR 68 K
hash brown, any style of eggs, sausage, grilled tomato with cheese, sauteed mushroom and salad  

Watermelon Calamary Salad
Price : IDR 58 K

The fantastic salad menu with calamary and watermelon , my favourite one and pretty colors too. Contains of watermelon, watercress, crispy calamary, coconut sesame dressings and nuts. It's taste so fresh and perfect balance of saltiness and sweetness. You must try this one, i never eat this kind of salad before. 

Salted Egg Yolk Chicken
Price : IDR 53 K

I am a big lovers of salted egg yolk, this modern chicken salted egg yolk made me so happy when i ate it. This food has been booming in Singapore since last year, everything with salted egg yolk are become a delicious food, of course with the right seasoning. Looks how pretty the sunny side up fried lying on the top of hot steamed rice with chicken with salted egg yolk beside them.  

Acai Smoothie
Price : IDR 38 K

Port Five Six
Jl. Kelapa Gading Selatan Blok BH 10 no.5-6
Gading Serpong - Tangerang
Phone : 021-54200918
Monday - Friday 10 AM - 10 PM
Saturday - Sunday 9 AM - 10 PM

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