Located in SCBD area of Jakarta , Fujin serving modern style teppanyaki and Japanese whisky , i love the ambience here , it's  really good to chill and hang out with family, friends or your love one. Surrounded with yellow lightning and feels homey. Their food is awesome and Fujin is offering live music on Friday night.

Fujin is a part from Biko Group which owns Pao Pao, Beer Garden and Lola. You can find this place easily, located at Gunawarman street and not to far from Pong Me. In Bali, they have Rayjin with same good ambience and food too. If you are in Bali or plan to have a vacation, you must have dine in Rayjin.

Hokkaido Aburi Sushi 
IDR 125 K

Torched Hokkaido aburi nigiri aburi sushi with tataki sauce, this one is super good and the beef one is melt in my mouth. It's light and pair with Sangria is the best. 

Aburi Temari Sushi 
IDR 115 K

Eight premium sushi balls of assorted seafood, meat and seasonal ingredients. I choose unagi , beef and salmon among the others. Light bites , awesome taste and good plating. If you are not to hungry and need a place to enjoy your time, i think you must going here.  

Unagi Kabayashi Donburi 
IDR 165 K

I LOVE THIS , this is my favorite dish , teppan grilled unagi with kabayashi sauce on Japanese steam rice. It's not fishy and soft , worth to try !

Hokkaido A5 Rib Eye Wagyu 
IDR 950 K

The first time i saw that price, i was a bit surprised. When the food arrived on our table, it looked very tempting with smell good and juicy meat. I don't know how the chef grilled this beef, it's really awesome taste. Really the saying goes, there is a price for a good one. It's Hokkaido certified wagyu steak (150gr) with grilled vegetables and Fujin's signature sauce.

Jalan Gunawarman no. 21
South Jakarta 
Phone : +6221 27513838 / 3030
Mon - Thu 11.30 AM - 3 PM , 6 PM - 11 PM
Fri - Sun 11.30 AM - 3 PM , 6 PM - 12PM

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