Baking with The Harvest Atelier

Established in 2014, The Harvest Cake is the pioneer in European style pastry shop chain in Indonesia. At the time to order a birthday cake, The Harvest becomes a main choice and you can buy cakes online. Not only cakes, The Harvest provides chocolates, ice cream cakes, macaroons, cupcakes until gifts & hampers. For now, The Harvest open The Harvest Atelier to join their executive class with the expert and experience the process behind every cakes they create. This exclusive class is limited for 10 participants every class. 

Honestly, i am really excited to join this event because so far i can only see how people make cakes or pastry but i have never made cakes or pastry by myself. For those who interest with cakes and want to try how to make cakes but you don't have complete equipment at home, this event is perfect. The Harvest already provides all equipment from aprons , baking utensils until garnish, so don't worry :)

For this time, we made a new cake menu from The Harvest that is Matcha Tiramisu Cake. I do love matcha and tiramisu , a classic Italian with traditional Japanese touch. Hosted by Melissa Karim, one of the radio announcer in Indonesia , she was so nice and she baked with us. Guided by Head Chef and Chef Assistant , we are taught from the early stages of baking , the stages of making tiramisu and decoration techniques. They teach us patiently.

Let see how to make a Matcha Tiramisu Cake by The Harvest ! 

Start from the first layer, cover sponge cake with coffee syrup , spread the matcha green tea cream and add mascarpone cheese on the top. Repeat those steps until 3 layers and close with the fourth layer , spread the cream to all over the cake and chill the cake for two hours. 

While waiting for the cake , The Harvest provides buffet menu food and special canape from them . Yeyy , we are not be left hungry at this event . 

For the second lesson, we are taught to make a cheese croissant and it's quite simple. The basic dough has been provided by The Harvest , roll the dough and fill it with butter . Once completed, put it in the oven dan tadaaa it's the result of mine.

Two hours have passed and now it's the time to decorated the cake , it's the part that i love the most. 
Spread the cocoa powder all over the top , it's time to show our creativity and it's really up to you. 

It's really fun , we can learn a new thing and get new friends. Don't forget to sign up online at The Harvest Atelier  . Thank you The Harvest Cake for this great experience !

Jl. Radio Dalam Raya no. 4 C-D 
South Jakarta 
Opening hours : 8 AM - 10 PM

Thank you for reading ! 

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