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Our cake is a simple, moist dark chocolate cake between layers of dark chocolate fudge. We have our own proprietary recipe of chocolate packed to our strict specifications of cocoa bean grade and percentage of cocoa to cocoa butter, exclusive to us and not commercially available. So you can only get the taste of Awfully Chocolate products at our stores, not anywhere else.

 Awfully Chocolate is our super premium dark chocolate ice cream made with natural ingredients.

It contains a blend of our own chocolate and Belgian dark chocolate (min. 70% cocoa solids), real eggs, fresh milk and pure cream. The low air content makes the ice cream very rich and dense, and it has less sugar than most other premium ice creams.

  is manufactured by us in Singapore and in certain territories, for us by carefully selected contract manufacturers. It is full of flavour and is perhaps the darkest chocolate ice cream around.


Jalan Senopati
No 41C Jalan Senopati Jakarta 12190
T: (62) 858 8015 8988
    (62) 21 573 1457
F: (62) 21 5290 0507
Open 10am - 9pm daily

Plaza Indonesia
Level LB#31 Jalan M.H Thamrin Kav. 

28-30 Jakarta,10350 

T: (62) 21 3199 0205

F: (62) 21 3199 0208
Open 10am - 10pm daily

This chocolate cake is very delicious and recommended to all chocolate lovers. 
Try it and visit Awfully Chocolate's store ^^

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  2. mmm that cake is making me hungry!

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  3. oooh, i've always been a chocolate lover! yumyum. it's always chocolates over cakes me haha!

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  4. cute chocolate
    these days things are cute. we always get em cos they are cute instead of the taste ;p


  5. Yummy cake

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  6. That looks delicious! I love how it is presented.

  7. Ahh these chocolate cakes look so yumi!


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