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Tutus (to clarify, when we say tutus, we’re referring to both ballet-specific skirts and fluffy tulle skirts not intended for ballet) are fun, a bit unexpected, and a girly way to make a statement. But they can also be hard to pull off, as history has shown us. We all remember Lara Flynn Boyle channeling a ballerina on the red carpet.
Although the preceding tutu looks are notable, they don’t demonstrate how to pull off a tutu in the real world. Don’t worry, though, it’s a lot easier than you think to wear a tutu without looking like you’re crazy or wearing a costume.
Tips and Tricks for Wearing a Tutu
- Unless it’s Halloween, don’t pair anything tutu-like with a wrap sweater, leotard, leg warmers, or a bun – these items will make your ensemble look costume-y.
- Contrasting textures look great with tulle. Fabrics like leather, denim, or suede will keep your outfit from looking too girly
-Speaking of girly, a tutu paired with lace or sequins could be overwhelming. So keep the rest of youroutfit toned down, and let your skirt have all the attention.
-Because tutu skirts are voluminous, they generally look best paired with fitted tops. Add a cropped jacket for a super chic look.
-An authentic ballet tutu might be hard to find, so try looking for a tulle skirt or dress. It’ll give you the tutu look without being too extreme
-Shoes, as always, are an important part of your look. I love how ankle boots and spike-y stilettos look with full skirts like tutus. For a really daring look, try wearing a tutu with combat boots or even Converse All Stars!
-Chunky jewelry will toughen up the look of a tutu. Try a statement necklace or a cocktail ring.
-Remember that this look is supposed to be playful and quirky. Rock it with confidence and you’ll be sure to look amazing!

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  1. i love tutu skirts! they are so pretty and fun to wear!


  2. tutu is always cute,sweet, greatful , and awesome!
    like ballet !
    that's why they re partner !
    i loveeeeeee wearing tutu , :D
    great post !


  3. i ADORE tulle and tutus and blck swan and natalie portman. best post i saw all day <3

  4. i love tutu skirt too :) thank you all ^^

  5. Great inspiration! Ballerinas have always inspired me.

  6. i love tutus, they make anyone look so romantic and whimsical!

  7. That's so cute! Great inspiration:) I really love your blog!
    Visit mine at: snapshot-olivia.blogspot.com

    xx Olivia


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