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Stripes are either loved or hated by women of all sizes and ages. I personally love stripes and when I’m running late and just don’t have time to patiently choose the outfit of the day I turn to a striped blouse and jeans. What I love about stripes is that they freshen me up. If I choose a regular black blouse and some jeans, I think you’ll agree, the outfit looks pretty plain and boring.
Stripes make me look brighter. They make an outfit stand out and quirky, even though no effort goes into it. For instance, Alexa Chug, who we covered as a style inspiration, loves wearing stripes!

Don’t stripes make me look fat?

The thing is that the smear campaign against stripes has been going on for so long. Especially horizontal stripes have suffered through the years. Some claim that the stripes widen you – but do they really have to?
If you’re afraid of looking a bit large when you wear a striped blouse you should:
  • Wear a striped blouse and look at yourself in the mirror – chances are that you have not recently even dared try on a striped blouse.
  • Wear a carding or a blazer over your striped blouse, so that only parts of it, a bit of the front or sleeves f.ex., are showing. That way you’ll still get the same effect.
  • Don’t wear vertical stripes just because you think they will slim you up – they are confusing and dated.
  • There are different types of stripes – thick and thin. Thin stripes make you look wider than thick stripes do, because the thin ones make a shape, that you will focus on, and the thick ones make a pattern that confuses the eye.

love this color 

pictures : zara

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  1. I love that first Zara top - great colour! XX

  2. Cute tops! :) love the color blocking stripes.

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    your blog is fantastic..
    if you want we could follow each other...
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