D' Kevin Bar Bistro & Steak

Last week, i got a chance for food tasting at D'Kevin. After i received email from Wanderbites, i was wondering where was the location of D'Kevin - Intiland Tower. Maybe people only know The Belly Clan, unfortunately The Belly Clan has been closed and D'Kevin replace their place. Located in the Centre of Jakarta, Intiland Tower Sudirman, D'Kevin surround by office tower. If you stuck in the middle of traffic jam near Sudirman, this place is a good choice to spend time. The concept of this restaurant can fulfill for workers who want to enjoy coffee and breakfast, lunch meeting, dinner, party or gathering. On the weekdays, open from 7AM until 10 PM but on the weekend open from 10 am until midnight. A complete package for a coffee, bar and restaurant with good interior and really cozy.

D'Kevin have three different space inside one restaurant, they have room for coffee, cake and breakfast, for lunch / dinner & bar and for outdoor (smoking) area.

Breakfast , Coffee and Cake

    Hot Cappucino ( IDR 35K )

    Chocolate Avocado Cake ( IDR 40 K )

    Tiramisu Cake ( IDR 40 K )

The interior dominant by wood with Manhattan Bridge which drawn on the wall, really nice place and people can stay for a long while. The barista brewed the coffee and make a snake latte art, such a rarely art. Chocolate Avocado Cake with chocolate ganache on the top and Tiramisu Cake are their recommended cake and the taste was really good, instead i am a dessert lover. 

Outdoor Area

Indoor Area

For indoor area, they chose classic and cool theme for interior design. They have a private room for special events such as birthday party, gathering, etc with capacity for 12 person with minimum spend IDR 250 K / person.

Now, let's talk about drink and food. They have variant choices for food and drink, their taste is really awesome.  I really love being here.

Tropical Cucumber Frosty ( IDR 40 K )
Cucumber, mint and pineapple
The Red Flara ( IDR 40 K )

The Red Flara are mixed of red dragon fruit, lychee, cranberry and strawberry. I don't like dragon fruit but i like this drink because it's so fresh.

Cranberry Rosemary Blossom ( IDR 40 K )

Cranberry, Elder flower, Lime and Ginger Ale

Passionate Green Apple ( IDR 40 K )

Green Apple, Passion Syrup, Orange, Pineapple

Minty Green Kiwi ( IDR 40 K )

Kiwi, Mint, Orange, Pineapple

Chicken Berries Salad ( IDR 55 K )

Chicken Berries Salad is unique one because it's mixed of letuce , berries sauce with pieces of apple and orange. Grilled chicken is tender, juicy and really well seasoning.

Italian Grinder Tortilla Cup Pizza ( IDR 75 K )

This tortilla a little bid to cut but the beef inside is really good mixed with lettuce and paprika. For pizza size , i think is quite small.

Trio Bruschetta ( IDR 55 K )

Trio Bruschetta consist of 3 pieces bruschetta, mix mushroom , basil cream tomato and bacon avocado sour cream, such as pretty bruschetta. Bacon avocado sour cream is my favourite one. 

Balsamic Berries Pork Chop ( IDR 135 K ) 

Grilled pork chop served with balsamic berries , potatoes and pan fried apple. I think the berries sauce is a uniqueness of D'Kevin , pork chop is perfect with this sweet and sour flavor. This pork are seasoned very well, tender meat and tasty.

Bourbon US Baby Back Ribs ( IDR 199 K )

This baby back ribs (500 grams)  is my favourite beside the other menus and recommended. Roasted baby back ribs with bbq sauce was really big and delicious. 

US Prime Rib Eye ( IDR 399 K )

Medium well beef steak ( 350 grams ) served with 2 choices of sauce, butter soy sauce and aus jus. Looks so pretty and big meat but i like the taste of meat. 

FYI, they closed from 4th July until 10th July.


D'Kevin Bar Bistro & Steak 
Intiland Tower Sudirman, Lobby Level
Phone : (021) 57906000
Opening hours :
Weekdays 7 AM - 10 PM
Weekend 11 AM - midnight

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*all photos courtesy by Febriani Djunaedi, please don't use without any permission


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