[NEW] Kintan Buffet Emporium Pluit Mall

Hello North Jakarta, on 4th July Kintan Buffet officially opened at Emporium Pluit Mall Ground Floor which managed by Boga Group . It's so fantastic , at the opening on the first day immediately filled with customers and all table were filled. Don't worry, the price are very friendly. Congratulation for Kintan Buffet opening and thank you. Great Job !
Kintan Buffet have 10 restaurants in Japan and 5 restaurants outside Japan, Kintan already well known by the taste of authentic barbeque with all you can eat concept and stylish interior decoration.

Not only meat and vegetables, they provided side dishes menu with many variants among others are grilled edamame, sweet potato tempura, french fries, chicken karage, curry rice, chawan musi, vegetable tempura, spaghetti and soups. The most side dishes that i like is chicken karage and they provided additional seasoning too. Self service only for side dishes menu, sauces, desserts and drinks. For the sauce , they have Kintan Original Soy Sauce, Kintan Spicy Miso Sauce and Kintan Garlic Sauce.  

and now let's talk about the grilled, i really like yakiniku and Kintan is the recommended choice because it's so worthy. You can enjoy the series menu of Kintan Buffet with affordable price and it's only 90 minutes.
The prices are :
1. Regular Buffet Rp 188.000 ( Senior Rp158.000 , Child Rp 128.000 )
2. Kintan Buffet Rp 268.000 ( Senior Rp 228.000 , Child Rp 188.000 )
3. Kintan Premium Buffet Rp 368.000 ( Senior Rp 320.000 , Child Rp 188.000 )
4. Special Wagyu Buffet Rp 468.000 ( Senior Rp 428.000 , Child Rp 228.000 )
With all the price, you can enjoy the choice of chicken, lamb and beef. The different types of beef menu led to a price difference, they have premium meat. They give you a choice of rice between steam rice and kintan rice, kintan rice is perfect to combined with yakiniku.

These photos below has been describe everything, i totally love them and preparing for next visit. 
How to order the menu? First time order, you can ordered 2 meats / person and for the next you can ordered how much as you want. But if you don't eat all of them, you must pay Rp 50.000 / 100 grams. So, don't order too much.

Dice Tender ( Tare / Spicy Miso )

Kintan Karubi ( Tare / D.Pepper ) 

Gyu Tan ( Negi Miso / D. Pepper ) 

Menu of Kintan Buffet


All You Can Eat Japanase Yakiniku BBQ
Emporium Pluit Mall, Ground Floor
North Jakarta - Indonesia
Open everyday 10 AM - 10 PM
Instagram : @kintanbuffet

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*all photos courtesy by Febriani Djunaedi, please don't use without any permission


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